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STEP Diploma in International Trust Management

Course details




4-6 months blended learning per paper; 4 day revision course per paper (09:00-17:00). Next enrolment dates shown in course content section for all Diploma's.

Course Overview

The STEP Diploma in International Trust Management is recognised worldwide as the benchmark qualification for those working in the international trusts industry. The course is designed to develop and enhance your understanding of how trusts, companies and related structures are created, managed, regulated and operated as asset-holding vehicles for investments and related activities.

Course Content

The Diploma programme comprises of 4 standalone STEP Advanced Certificate courses that together cover the curriculum of the STEP Diploma in International Trust Management. The four papers which comprise this Diploma are:

Diploma 1: Advanced Certificate in Trust Law and Practice (International) – enrol by 12 August 2022 – Tuition 5-8 December 2022 – Exam 9 December 2022

Diploma 2: Advanced Certificate in Company Law and Practice – TBC

Diploma 3: Advanced Certificate in Trustees’ Duties: Investment and Management of the Trust Fund – enrol by 16 September 2022 – Tuition 116-19 January 2023 - Exam 20 January 2023

Diploma 4: Advanced Certificate in Principles of International Taxation, AML and Compliance – enrol by 31 October 2022 – Tuition 27 February - 2 March 2023 - Exam 3 March 2023

Each of these Advanced Certificates can be taken as a standalone qualification or as part of the Diploma programme.

Course Benefits

This programme has been designed for practitioners involved in international trust administration and management.

The Diploma programme consists of four Advanced Certificates and will:

  • Increase your knowledge of all aspects of the international trust profession including the vehicles, legal structures, principles and practices underpinning it
  • Provide an overview of the legislation, principles and practice in your local jurisdiction
  • Enhance your career with a qualification that is recognised by those working in the trust industry
  • Enhance your ability to give holistic advice to clients as a trusted advisor
  • Distinguish you and your firm from the competition

The programme will be delivered through CLTI’s online learning platform with four days of locally taught face-to-face tuition. Each Advanced Certificate will take four to six months to complete.


Each Advanced Certificate is assessed via a three-hour, closed-book examination and we recommend that you spend between 4-6 hours each week on personal study for the four to six months prior to the examination.

Once you successfully complete the Diploma, you will gain the full 120 Diploma Level credits towards STEP membership.

Next Steps

Whilst we at the GTA promote and facilitate the STEP programmes, bookings are made directly with CLT International, STEP’s exclusive training provider. To enrol please book online

Course Tutor

  • CLT International

    CLT International has been providing certificated training and qualifications to professionals in the private client and wealth management industry since 1999. As an international company operating in over 90 global centres, we provide training to over 3,000 delegates per year and are also the exclusive provider for STEP, the worldwide professional association for those advising families across generations.

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