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Author: Steve Lasenby

At the core of Guernsey's distinguished status as Europe's largest captive insurance domicile, lies a clear testament to the island's exceptional expertise and robust regulatory framework.

As Guernsey marks its position for the second year running, with 199 captives domiciled by the close of 2023, the critical role of specialised skills and knowledge in perpetuating this success is unmistakable.

At the GTA University Centre, we are intricately woven into this fabric. Our bespoke courses, including the Guernsey Certificate and Diploma in International Insurance Management, are meticulously crafted by established professionals to meet the industry's demand for a skilled workforce. These programmes are not merely educational routes; they are conduits to Guernsey's ongoing success in the captive insurance arena, and help to ensure that delegates are not just participants in this sector but are prepared to be its forthcoming leaders.

The importance of Guernsey's accolade is further illuminated by its legacy of over a century in the insurance industry, evolving to cater to the global market's needs while securing its status as the domicile of choice for 40% of FTSE 100 companies.

Through a syllabus that prioritises practical knowledge and industry insights, we help equip delegates to contribute to and sustain Guernsey's prestigious position in the captive insurance sphere.

At the GTA, we see our role as crucial in maintaining and enhancing Guernsey's success in captive insurance. By fostering the next generation of insurance professionals, we contribute to a cycle of excellence that not only preserves but elevates Guernsey's global leadership stance.

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