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The Non-Executive Director (NED) Development Programme has been designed to support the development and transition of local talent wishing to become a NED, in turn diversifying the local NED pool and supporting the transfer of knowledge and skills from experienced NEDs to the next generation, whilst benefiting Partner boards with the much needed fresh thinking that a developing NED can bring to the table.

We recently received fantastic feedback from a previous participant, Danielle Mciver who enjoyed a placement on the Guernsey Electricity board.


"The experience with GE was everything I hoped for and more. The board were very open and inclusive and very much treated me like a regular director.

I learned most from the sub-committees as I haven’t been part of sub-committees before. In terms of what I learned, I think the content was logical but it was helpful to see the topics broken down and also participate in the risk strategy day.

Since joining this program and enhancing my directorship experience I was asked by Northern Trust to take on directorships for the Permira flagship funds we administer, being one of the very few clients we provide directors for. I took on a new role at work in March so I need to let that settle down and then would be interested in taking a non-finance directorship as well as my NT role.

I really enjoyed the non-finance exposure and also contributing to something that is key to the island's infrastructure. I really am very grateful for the support. Thank you again for everything!"


Thank you Danielle for your kind review of the programme experience!

Learn more about our popular NED Development Programme and the opportunities for both partner boards and participants HERE