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Director Development

NED Development Programme

Course details




12 months +

Course Overview

The Non-Executive Director (NED) Development Programme has been designed to support the development and transition of local talent wishing to become a NED. It aims to diversify the local NED pool and supports the transfer of knowledge and skills from experienced NEDs to the next generation of NEDs.

Partner boards benefit from fresh thinking that a developing NED can bring to the table, and can use their participation in the programme to demonstrate good corporate social responsibility (CSR) in their annual report, press releases and social media communications.

Course Content

Partner boards:

NEDs in development have modern day skill sets often not found on long-established boards. Many partner boards find it is like a breath of fresh air having a developing NED on placement with them – they have really benefitted from fresh thinking that a developing NED can bring to the table.

Participating in the programme demonstrates good corporate social responsibility (CSR). Partner boards are welcome to put out press releases about participating in the programme and include it in the corporate governance section of their annual report and accounts.


This unique programme comprises training and networking events and a 12-month placement on a partner board.

Training and networking can be undertaken until the end of your board placement, including:

  • free membership to the NED Forum, entitling you to attend NED Forum training sessions and networking events;
  • two accounting and corporate governance training sessions with Deloitte each year;
  • two legal and corporate governance training sessions with Appleby each year;
  • a discount on selected director development training courses run by the GTA (AML and CFT for Directors and Senior Managers, Responsibilities of a Guernsey Director, Corporate Governance).

During your 12-month board placement you will be mentored by an experienced board member who will provide guidance and support and share their knowledge and expertise with you.

On completion of the programme you will receive feedback from your host board and receive a NED Development Programme certificate. Importantly, you will have developed the core knowledge and skills required to begin your journey as a NED.

Find answers to FAQs posed by participants in this document, along with details of how to apply.

NED Apprentice Programme Questionnaire

NED data collection confirmation form

Course Benefits

Good NEDs add significant value to a company and the wider economy. There are distinct advantages to having locally-resident NEDs, especially for fiscal purposes, ease of attendance, and to benefit from jurisdiction-specific knowledge.

There is a dwindling pool of NEDs in Guernsey who have a significant amount of experience. Through the NED Development Programme partner boards can help diversify and develop the next generation of local NEDs – either for their board or other boards in which they are involved.

This unique programme differs to others as, in addition to training courses and networking events, participants are partnered with a board, undertake a one-year board placement and are allocated a board mentor. Participants are given:

  • First-hand experience of what it is like to sit on a board
  • An understanding of NED roles and responsibilities
  • Opportunities to develop core knowledge and skills required to become a NED

They leave the programme with the confidence, experience and knowledge to undertake full-time NED positions.


Participants must have experience in a top level management, consultant or executive management role, and have a basic understanding of the NED role and corporate governance. Participants must have served on, or reported to, a board and be looking to move into a NED role.

Partner boards are welcome from all sectors of the Guernsey community providing they practice good corporate governance and are willing and able to offer a placement on their board and provide a mentor.

Next Steps

If you are interested in becoming a NED or your organisation would like to join the programme as a partner board please contact [email protected] or call 01481 224570.

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