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Author: Michael Moran, 10Eighty Founder & CEO

It’s well established that coaching and mentoring improve performance for you, your team and the organisation. What’s more, coaching and mentoring improve job satisfaction, in fact, coaching and mentoring are key to both personal and business success.

In our post-pandemic world of work, managers need to adapt swiftly to new technologies and volatile markets. This means we need to be flexible, able to collaborate and share knowledge with colleagues, and quick to learn new ways of doing things. Coaching and mentoring can help an individual collate, absorb and process new perspectives and ideas. What’s more, the coach and or mentor, act as a sounding board, it provides the opportunity for self-reflection and the ability to talk through a problem before making a decision.

It may sound like an unnecessary expense when times are hard but think again. It’s hard to source and retain good employees at the moment so you need to do everything you can to ensure they are engaged and fulfilled in their work and career.

All round performance improvement

Employees benefit from coaching and mentoring programmes in that they will be better equipped to nurture and help others who are at lower levels of the business, as a way of giving back. A good programme creates a virtuous circle – cultivating a mindset that encourages the professional development of the individual and their team, driving engagement, effectiveness and commitment.

For high-performance employees, these initiatives afford a personalised learning path which helps to identify opportunities to develop future leaders. And, win-win, it aids retention of the organisation’s best people, so you retain knowledge and experience in-house while improving knowledge-sharing, morale and communication skills.

Top performers and those seeking to progress in their career benefit from increased self-awareness around the skills, aptitudes and behaviours they need to grow and develop.

Make the most of coaching and mentoring

At 10Eighty we see the benefits of adopting a broad and deep approach to supporting the talent community by providing coaching and mentoring support to improve performance; which can help with, among other things:

Strategic awareness - the ability to focus on the bigger picture and identify new and significant business opportunities.

Positive competitiveness drives the corporate agenda, as well as the personal agenda.

Cultural awareness and sensitivity – to demonstrate best practices and encourage and develop others.

The achievement of continued excellence, on a larger scale and wider stage.

Awareness of context and learning from previous experience.

Change management and organisational transformation, building the ability to solve problems and set in motion forward-facing strategies for the future.

The CIPD say that workplace coaching and mentoring improve employee retention, team performance, and long-term career development. It's an all-round win.

Learn about our coaching and mentoring offering in partnership with 10Eighty HERE