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Author: Michelle Morley, Head of Programmes

Firstly, what do we mean when we say in-house training?

Simply put, in-house training means bringing our tutors to your offices to deliver a course just for your employees.

Popularity continues to increase, but what are the benefits? Let's break them down:

Tailored content – a course can be developed or adapted to make it relevant to your specific training needs or industry sector, meaning a tutor can use real-life examples, problems and challenges that your employees may encounter every day at work

Convenience – we can deliver the training at your offices, reducing time out of the office and the need for your employees to travel

Cost-efficiency – the training is costed per course rather than per employee so you have a fixed price for the requested number of employees

Flexibility – the training can be delivered on a day and time that suits your business

+ Team building – a room full of your employees from different departments can encourage greater team work, and also better awareness and understanding of other colleagues’ roles

Discretion – the training is held in a confidential environment, allowing your team to air any issues on which you need guidance, and away from the watchful eye of competitors

+ Consistency of knowledge – assurance that all employees come away with the same knowledge and can put this immediately into practise

Effortless – simply contact us and we will provide a training proposal, agree a date with you and the tutor and make all necessary arrangements right up until the day of the training and beyond when we send out delegate CPD certificates and evaluation feedback forms.

If you would like to explore the possibility of in-house training for your business, please call Michelle on 224572 or email [email protected]

Testimonial from Annette Wales, Skipton International: "The presentation skills training went really well and we’ve received good feedback from all the colleagues that attended. Richard is such a good trainer so everyone found it engaging and useful."