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Author: Steve Lasenby, Programmes Manager

Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t choose to use the services of an unqualified doctor or jump in a taxi driven by a driver who hasn’t passed their driving test.

So why do so many businesses still think it’s acceptable to give the management of large projects to staff who have no project management training?

In a way, it’s not that surprising. After all, until relatively recently, that’s the way businesses have generally undertaken big projects i.e., given the project management to a staff member who had a little less work in their in-tray than their colleagues or was the slowest to lower their head when the CEO was looking for a ‘volunteer’ to take on the project!

For me, that’s not really the best way to bring about the best project results nor the fairest way to treat the ‘volunteer’ staff member. Project results often have a huge impact on people for years to come, and can be technical, costly, and lengthy. Leading businesses will be fully aware of this and will have a qualified project manager in place to oversee the project from start to finish.

But what is expected of a good project professional?

A project manager requires knowledge of project management processes as well as both interpersonal and technical skills with the ability to:

+ plan and monitor schedules

+ manage resources

+ control budgets

+ motivate project team members

+ negotiate and resolve conflicts

communicate effectively both verbally and in writing


Here at the GTA University Centre, we offer an extensive range of Project Management training courses and professional qualifications that can either be delivered at the GTA training suites in St Peter Port, Guernsey, in-house at the client’s office or online in the comfort of the delegate’s home or office. Online options include self-paced training courses as well as virtual live tutor-led training courses that are delivered in real-time. In addition, bespoke courses can be created for businesses to meet specific training requirements.

Explore our Project Management opportunities HERE and feel free to call me on 224570 to further discuss the options available to you.