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Author: Camilla Hobbs - Programmes Manager

Continuing Professional Development (or CPD as it is more commonly termed) is the name given to describe the supplementary learning professionals are required to undertake in order for them to maintain their personal competency and proficiency in their chosen field.

The CPD requirements vary between professional bodies and employers but the importance of using CPD to extend and enhance existing learning is universal and the opportunities to engage in CPD should be grasped (in whatever form these may take). It is also important that your CPD meets the required standards and benchmarks dictated by the relevant professional body(ies) to which you are a member.

The benefits of CPD are numerous and those that tend to engage in CPD most frequently are often those that provide the most value to their companies by bringing new ideas and developments to the workplace. CPD helps you to:

Stay up to date with changing trends

Become more effective in the workplace

Maintain and enhance your knowledge to supply a better service

Advance the body of knowledge with your profession; and

Increase your interest in your profession.

Employers have traditionally left much of the onus of engaging in CPD with the employee – it is to their own benefit after all. Budgetary constraints and time pressures have often left employers unwilling to promote continuous learning to their staff. However, the increasing availability of flexible learning solutions including webinars, online learning and online conferences as well as the more traditional workshops, seminars and face-to-face events has meant there are greater opportunities for CPD out there to fit in with even the most demanding roles and the smallest of budgets.

Employers can also help their staff complete CPD Plans to ensure that their learning is relevant to their roles, meets their own and their employers’ goals and objectives for staff development and meets the requirements of any relevant professional body. Employees can work with their employer to assess their current situation, identify goals, plan how these goals can be met, determine what resources are required to meet these goals (e.g. budget, time) and then develop a timeline in which the plan can be enacted and measure progress as it evolves.

The GTA University Centre can assist with training as well as helping companies ensure that their CPD plans for employees are effective and meet the needs of both the employer and employee. The training we offer is designed with the needs of businesses at its heart and make perfect CPD solutions for those needing everything from a free one-hour webinar to boost their CPD hours to those looking to upskill in an entirely new area or obtain further professional qualifications.

Our programmes managers are always happy to discuss individual or business needs and advise you on solutions that work for everyone. Contact the team on [email protected]