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Senior civil servant Donna Le Tissier says her skills have been enhanced since joining the board of the Guernsey Employment Trust on a long-term placement as part of the GTA’s NED Development Programme. The programme Developing the next generation of non-executive directors in Guernsey is vital to the economy, and the GTA’s NED Development Programme has been specifically designed to support this important work. It gives participants vital first-hand experience by offering a 12-month board placement as well as training and networking events. A mentor is also provided as part of the scheme, which provides the opportunity to develop skills required to be a non-executive director. Benefits to the participant In Donna Le Tissier’s words:

‘Seeing things from a different perspective is incredibly valuable, and the GTA NED Development Programme has provided me with an opportunity to do that through my placement on the board of the Guernsey Employment Trust. ‘Experience of a board outside of the States of Guernsey is also a benefit. It deepens understanding of how a board can and should perform to develop the organisation. I’ve gained knowledge of the workings and value of a charity board, including the role of a chairman and the strategic issues that the charity has to take into account.’

Developing skills and opportunities As a programme participant, Donna says it has provided benefits for her wider career:

‘Taking part in the GTA NED Development Programme has further developed my leadership skills, and my placement with the Guernsey Employment Trust has just been extended for a further 12 months. Hopefully, it will also open up the possibility of future NED roles.’

The benefits for the host board For organisations taking part, there are also advantages. As Sir John Collins, chairman of the Guernsey Employment Trust board, says:

‘Having someone on the board who brings experience from a different background and environment is valuable, as is having independent judgement to provide challenge to a board’s actions if required. Having that outside perspective and experience also can strengthen the board, without the complications of that person having day-to-day involvement.’ ‘It’s also an opportunity to facilitate ideas, appraise and comment on the organisation’s strategic plans.’

Find out more: NED Development ProgrammeGet involved: we are always looking for new host boards and new aspiring NEDs to join this programme.  Apply: to join the programme as an aspiring NED Contact: Tina Torode [email protected] or call 721555