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Personal Development

Mastering your Emotional Intelligence

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2 half days (09:30-12:30) 28 June 2024 & 12 July 2024

Course Overview

Emotional Intelligence (EI), or emotional quotient (EQ) has become a sought-after quality for many employers. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify and regulate personal emotions and understand the emotions of others. A high level of EI helps build strong relationships, reduce stress levels, defuse conflict and improve job productivity and satisfaction.

Research has shown that success in life or work is only 20% dependent on your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and 80% dependent on Emotional Quotient (EQ). Whilst our intellect helps resolve problems, high levels of Emotional Intelligence enable us to deal with people and problems in a more effective way.

In the workplace, having team members who are high in EI results in employees with higher morale, who are better able to collaborate, show improved critical thinking and problem solving, and are more productive.

Course Content

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Recognise and describe the key parts of Emotional Intelligence
  • Be aware of the importance of emotions and how they can positively impact and improve results.
  • Develop ways to build interpersonal skills and enhance relationships.
  • Recognise how to deliver high performance within the emotional climate of the work environment.
  • Identify ways to work with emotions to solve problems, increase effectiveness, and develop resilience in stressful situations.
  • Improve personal emotional intelligence and leadership skills to advance your career.

Course Benefits

You will leave being more aware of Emotional Intelligence, your personal EI and how to positively deal with the emotions of those around you. This can contribute to the building of better relationships at work, in social situations and at home.

Next Steps

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Course Tutor

  • Jill Clark

    Jill is a qualified trainer and coach and holds a Diploma in Company Direction (Institute of Directors). Jill has over 25 years retail experience and was formerly Director of Customer Service at Specsavers. She is a Non -Executive Director of the Channel Islands Coop & Island FM and a Jurat in the Royal Court of Guernsey.

    Jill is experienced in leadership management, customer service, effective communication and retail best practice. Jill delivers Chartered Management Institute qualifications as well as coaching and mentoring.

    Jill can work with teams and individuals to improve their effectiveness and leadership skills, developing action plans to help individual unlock their potential, impact and influence in their personal and working lives. Drawing on leadership and experiences of working with individuals at every level, Jill is passionate about helping individuals be the best that they can be.

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