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Human Resources, Leadership & Management

Uncovering Unconscious Bias

Course details

Start Date

30 November 2023

CPD Points





2 hours (09:00-11:00)


GTA University Centre

Course Overview

We all have biases. Some we know about, such as our favourite foods, but those biases in our unconscious are just that – unconscious!

While we all know consciously that we should treat everyone equally, what is deeper in our unconscious can get in the way, without us even knowing.

So unconscious bias is normal. It happens because in order to cope with the fast pace of everyday life, our brains need to make super quick assessments of people and situations without us even realising we are doing it. We do so based on deep unconscious programming influenced by our background, cultural environment and personal experiences. It is within this mental shorthand where our unconscious biases live, which then effect the decisions we make about other people; who we recruit, reprimand, promote or make our friends.

With the coming of the new anti-discrimination legislation, uncovering unconscious bias in our workplaces is more important than ever.

So the only way to make cultural change happen is for us all to uncover, make conscious and own our individual biases towards others.

This course will give an insight into how to create a genuinely fair and equal workplace by understanding our own default judgement patterns and how to consciously make adjustments to avoid bias.

Course Content

  • What is conscious and unconscious bias
  • A multi-dimensional map of common unconscious biases
  • How to make the unconscious conscious
  • Cultural conditioning towards gender, age, race, social status, height, dress, religion, competence and others
  • How to recognise and challenge your own personal biases
  • How to change culture to call out bias

Course Benefits

Unconscious bias happens when our brains make incredibly quick assessments of people and situations without us realising. These biases are influenced by our background, cultural environment and personal experiences. This is all totally normal and indeed in many cases very useful.

What we learn however is that issues such as gender, race and age bias aren’t the work of nasty consciously biased people, but the consequence of the unconscious programming in both men and women.

Therefore the only way to make change happen is for us all to become conscious of and then own our biases.

Next Steps

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Course Tutor

  • Michelle Johansen

    Michelle Johansen MA is a Professional Certified Coach accredited by the ICF. Michelle has been a Coach, Workshop Leader and Group Facilitator for over 15 years, working with companies, senior executives and individual private clients across a range of topics from leadership development, personality typing, career progression, confidence building, public speaking, resilience building to personal transformation.

    Prior to becoming a Coach, Michelle spent 20 years in the Finance Industry, where she qualified as a Chartered Secretary and attained an MA in Strategic Human Resource Management, gaining promotion to spend 10 years as Director and COO at Credit Suisse Fund Administration. On leaving the finance industry Michelle founded and ran the NPO Women’s Development Forum between 2009 – 2017, to provide networking and support for career women across the Channel Islands.

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