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Leadership & Management

CMI Level 5 Certificate and Diploma in Management and Leadership

Course details

Start Date

21 November 2024

CPD Points





17 sessions over 14 months - next programme commences 21 November 2024


GTA University Centre

Course Overview

The CMI Level 5 Certificate & Diploma in Management and Leadership is a professional management qualification which will be delivered on-island by CMI approved tutors. The Certificate & Diploma is designed to provide a firm foundation in ideas, techniques and overall competences that will improve management effectiveness and performance and will give you a broader knowledge of middle management skills whilst focusing on the specific leadership areas appropriate to you and your workplace.

Course Content

Induction – 21 November 2024 (09:00-16:30)

The course consists of seven modules as follows:

Principles of Leadership Practice - 28 November 2024 (09:00-16:30) & 05 December 2024 (09:00-16:30)

The aim of this unit is to develop managers’ understanding of ethical leadership and the impact of culture and values on leadership. Managers will examine leadership models and the concept of empowerment, with consideration of techniques and methods for leading others.

Managing Performance - 23 January 2025 (09:00-16:30) & 06 February 2025 (09:00-16:30)

Managing the performance of staff is essential to the smooth running of an organisation. This unit evaluates the reasons for managing performance and the approaches that can be used. It explores methods of rewarding the performance of individuals who exceed expectations, and analyses ways of managing under performance in a professional and supportive manner. This unit focuses on the way performance management, when used effectively, is able to impact on individual and organisational achievement.

Managing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - 20 March 2025 (09:00-16:30) & 27 March 2025 (09:00-16:30)

Effective management of equality and diversity not only benefits staff and stakeholders, it can positively impact on an organisation’s achievement. This unit been designed to enable the learner to analyse the requirements for managing, monitoring and reporting on equality, diversity and inclusion. It focuses on the skills required to lead by example and how to adapt leadership styles to support others to see the benefits of inclusive practice. On successful completion of the unit, learners will be armed with the knowledge required to develop and implement an Equality action plan, and monitor its outcomes to make continuous improvement.

Managing Change - 22 May 2025 (09:00-16:30), 29 May 2025 (09:00- 16:30) & 19 June 2025 (09:00-16:30)

Change is inevitable if an organisation is to maintain competitiveness and currency of practice. This unit has been designed to enable the learner to evaluate types and reasons for change within organisations and be able to select and apply theoretical models for its management. The purpose is not only to enable learners to develop the skills to manage change and achieve set objectives, but to do so in a professional manner with open and honest communication throughout the entire process.

Principles in Delivering Coaching and Mentoring - 18 September 2025 (09:00-16:30) & 25 September 2025 (09:00-16:30)

Coaching and mentoring are proven techniques used to enhance the skills, knowledge, talents and potential of individuals as part of an organisational learning and development strategy. This unit explores the principles and practices of coaching and mentoring, and the impact these techniques can have in the development of a high-performance culture.

Using Data and Information for Decision Making - 23 October 2025 (09:00-16:30), 06 November 2025 (09:00-16:30) & 20 November 2025 (09:00-16:30)

The ability to analyse and manage data and information can lead to increased competitiveness, innovation, productivity and customer satisfaction. However, with data and information volumes increasing at unprecedented levels, the ability to interpret, use, and harness ‘big data’ can become an organisational challenge.

The aim of this unit is to equip learners with an understanding of the purpose and practices of interpreting, managing and presenting business data and information to inform decision making.

Using Reflective Practice to Inform Personal and Professional Development - 04 December 2025 (09:00-16:30) & 11 December 2025 (09:00-16:30)

Reflective practice is an essential management tool which supports the development of knowledge, skills and behaviours in the workplace. By consciously analysing own performance, decision making, leadership and management skills (in different situational contexts); opportunities for on-going development can be identified. The aim of this unit is to equip learners with the understanding of the value of reflective practice, and how reflection can be used as the basis of a meaningful personal and professional development.

Students benefit from comprehensive lecture materials, tutor support for each module and a one-to-one development tutorial.

In addition to the workshops you will be expected to spend approximately 20-25 hours self-studying per unit.

Course Benefits

The GTA University Centre, in partnership with the College of Further Education, is offering this Level 5 Certificate and Diploma in Management and Leadership, a professional management qualification which will be delivered on-island by Chartered Management Institute approved tutors.

A practical qualification, the CMI Level 5 Certificate and Diploma in Management and Leadership gives you a fully comprehensive bank of the skills and knowledge required to be a manager as part of an organisation, as well as the ability to apply your learning in the context of another organisation or industry sector. The GTA and the College of Further Education have a proven track record of working with the CMI, achieving very high pass rates at both certificate and diploma level.

The level 5 qualifications in management and leadership are designed for managers who want to develop core management skills such as managing resources, recruitment, and information management. These qualifications focus on the development of management capabilities and competencies.

These qualifications aim at practising or aspiring managers and leaders who are typically accountable to a senior manager or business owner. The primary role of the practising or aspiring manager and leader is to lead and manage individuals and teams to deliver aims and objectives in line with organisational strategy.

This course is specifically designed to improve management techniques as well as skills. You will gain a more advanced understanding of how a workplace manager should manage their processes as well as their staff. In undertaking this course you will develop your workplace problem-solving skills as you apply the management models and theories you have learned from completing the assignments, to practical everyday work scenarios.


2-3 days to write each assignment. There is one assignment for each subject via practical work-based assignments. This ensures you minimise time away from work and that you undertake work study which is relevant to your own organisation’s context.

Next Steps

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Course Tutor

  • Alison McDonald

    Alison McDonald has over 18 years’ management experience in the dynamic world of food retail, which included the role of training coordinator for 6 new stores in Scotland. She has over 3 years local experience as a Learning Consultant successfully delivering bespoke courses to a wide range of organisations including finance, legal, retail, manufacturing and the public sector. Her management experience coupled with her love of training brings a ‘hands-on’, relevant approach to training. She fully appreciates the realities of managing teams and believes effective people development is the key to success.

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