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Digital Skills, Director Development, Leadership & Management

IoD Guernsey - Directing Companies in a Digital World

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2 half days (13:00-16:30)

Course Overview

Covid-19 has demonstrated the importance of digital maturity within an organisation to successfully navigating risks, to adapt rapidly to change and to mitigate the impact on operations. The way in which businesses have responded is evidence of just how quickly digitalisation can and is being escalated.

This course is aimed at business leaders irrespective of their previous experience and engagement with digital within their own organisations. The course is intended to equip all leaders with the knowledge to effectively operate within digitally mature businesses, as well as supporting those businesses developing towards that objective.

JT is delighted to sponsor the IoD Guernsey course ‘Directing Companies in a Digital World’. Embracing ‘Digital’ is no longer just an option; it is a reality of commercial life and this course will help to focus that understanding and give Directors and Board-Level Executives the confidence to make the right decisions when embracing technology for better business.

This is not a day for IT managers to understand how to plan and manage IT projects & programmes, nor is it a technical look at products and systems which can be adopted. This day will focus on evolving corporate governance in a rapidly digitalising and socially conscious world.

Course Content

The course will be delivered by Gordon Fletcher, Director of Business 4.0 Directorate at the University of Salford and will cover three key areas.

The day starts with an introduction to the importance of digital awareness for all organisations. The benefits that different types of digital transformation can bring will be illustrated, from the simplest level of process improvements, through to large scale change programmes that entirely alter the focus of a business or entire market. The impact of the global pandemic will feature as key examples including the transition of knowledge workers to home workers, the institutional decisions regarding video conferencing and the large scale ways in which organisations from all sectors 'pivoted' their entire business models.

The course then moves into an examination of the particular risks businesses face in an increasingly digital market and working environment, and the ways organisations can mitigate and manage their exposure to these risks. The value of tools will be considered, such as the innovation portfolio matrix and the development of a transformation roadway to manage longer term risk.

The final part of the day is framed as a question and answer session, particularly drawing in on the experiences of the pandemic lockdown, with the aim of defining what the questions are that directors should be asking about digital, as well as the answers that all directors should know about their organisation’s digital strategy and programmes.

Topics will include:

  • Market transformation and the impact on businesses
  • Digital strategy and service/process digitalisation
  • Digital innovation - pivoting business models
  • Becoming a digitally mature organisation
  • Risks associated with digital and how to mitigate them
  • Information governance

Richard Hanrahan, Chief Executive Officer for Agilisys Guernsey, will be in attendance to help facilitate the day and position the programme within a local business context.

Course Benefits

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Recognise company opportunities in relation to digital within their sector and beyond
  • Recognise digital success patterns
  • Understand the wider non-technical set of issues associated with digital
  • Understand the governance risks associated with digital
  • Be confident in undertaking actions to mitigate the risks associated with digital
  • Act immediately, in strategic ways to the challenge of a post-COVID recovery
  • Reassess your current organisational situation from a Environment, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) perspective
  • Access local resources that support strategic digital transformation


Senior leadership within an organisation

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Course Tutor

  • Gordon Fletcher

    New Zealand-born and Australian-educated, Gordon is Academic Director of Business 4.0 at Salford Business School. He states his objective is to “disseminate and share knowledge to the broadest possible audience with the goal of enabling the success of others in a digitally rich business and social environment”. Previously Gordon taught coding as a problem solving activity to the "reluctant”, at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels. He has published work focusing on the use of technology including social media marketing, economies in game worlds, conflict in online communities, the social supply chain, on/off-line retailing and grieving networks. Other key work includes the development of science fiction prototyping as a method for technology innovation and transformation.

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