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How to Recharge your Health Battery

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Half day (09:00 - 12:30)

Course Overview

Modern life moves fast: technological advances, stressful careers, and societal pressure all push us towards burnout. The truth is we all work so hard just for the promise of intangible rewards in an unknown future.

The measure to quantify ‘success’ is changing. Houses, cars and bank balances may still appeal to some, but increasingly true success is considered as being happy and healthy, surrounded by family and friends.

We believe that now is the time to enjoy vibrant health and enjoy the fruits of your hard labour.

Course Content

Breath Work

The breath is a gateway to our nervous system. Awareness of the effects of this system on our brain and body is critical for developing effective tools that can influence the way in which we manage and interpret the challenges that we all experience in life.

  • The miraculous benefits of nasal breathing and how you can “close your mouth change your life”
  • Proper diaphragmatic breathing patterns
  • The breath, brain and nervous system link to develop laser like focus
  • Nervous system down regulation - learn to relax in any environment
  • Lung capacity - how to develop lung capacity (one of the most important markers for overall health)


‘Move Light’ training is a simple, everyday approach developed and practiced that applies movement to address the tolls that modern sedentary living takes on the body and nervous system.

  • Learning simple efficient ways to give your joints everything they need
  • Learning to combat mobility loss at any age

The results of these practices are a return of range of motion, resiliency in the joints, reduced pain complaints, improved balance and coordination, as well as deeper relaxation and recovery.

Sleep, Light Exposure & Circadian Rhythms

An introduction to the science of sleep, light and circadian rhythms. There will be a focus on delivering tangible, evidence-based advice that attendees can put into practice straight away.

  • An introduction to sleep and circadian rhythms
  • How we sleep throughout evolution
  • How hormonal rhythms impact your sleep and wellness
  • How light exposure impacts sleep and circadian rhythms
  • 5 key steps to support healthy sleep and circadian rhythms

Connection to Nature

As human beings we were born of nature. There is a growing recognition in that our connection to nature is what dictates our health and happiness.

Throughout the workshop you will learn the science behind this symbiotic relationship, as well as tips and hints to help you feel more energised and connected to the world around you, including:

  • How your body operates electrically
  • How the body acts as a battery and how to charge it with simple breath and movement practices.
  • How you can apply habits such as grounding, light exposure, nutrition, hot & cold therapy to increase your electrical charge and improve energy and vitality.

Course Benefits

During this “How to recharge your human battery” workshop you will learn the 5 vital interconnected pillars of health; breath work, movement, sleep, light exposure and connecting with nature.

They will be sharing theoretical and practical insights into how you can create simple habits that harness these fundamental pillars of health to experience more happiness, energy, vitality and a greater sense of wellbeing in your life.

Next Steps

If you would like to book a place on this course, please click on the ‘Book Course’ button to the right of this page and login or register for a user account to complete your booking(s). Any queries please do not hesitate to contact us via [email protected] or call us on 01481 224570. If no date is scheduled for this course at the present time, please click on the ‘Register Interest’ button and login or register for a user account so that we can add you to our course interest register. This register allows us to contact our tutors and finalise dates for a course as soon as we have a few people who have expressed their interest, so the more delegates who register their interest, the sooner we can schedule a particular course.

Course Tutors

  • Daniel White

    Daniel is a Registered Nutritionist (MSc, ANutr) and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC) with extensive educational, research and clinical experience in the fields of nutrition, psychology, stress management, sleep science, health education and human behaviour change.

    He coaches individuals, groups and organisations across the globe to address the root cause of health concerns, as well as to optimise health, happiness and performance.

    In 2020 Daniel founded Sleep Better Live Better, a platform whose aim is to provide effective educational and researched products that can contribute toward a shift and transformation in the way that society is sleeping.

  • Justin Wolfer

    Justin is a full-time traveling yoga teacher. Over the past 12 years, he’s taught in 14 countries. He is the creator of Move Light, a breath and movement training system designed to heal the effects of modern sedentary living and empower students to take control of their health.

    Justin offers a unique blend of movement, breath training and introspective inquiry aimed at developing an understanding and mastery of your nervous system.

    He is a Certified Movement Specialist and Functional Release Spine Specialist through the Functional Range Conditioning System. He is also certified through Applied Movement Neurology Systems as a level 2 practitioner and is a Certified Breath Specialist through the Oxygen Advantage Certification Course.

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