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Personal Development, Sales & Marketing

Impact and Influence

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Full day (09:00-17:00)

Course Overview

Do you sometimes feel unheard and unseen?

Are you passionate about what you do and yet struggle to get this across?

Would you like to finally be able to master the techniques of getting your point across and being taken seriously?

Often, “influence” is often confused with “manipulation” and, in reality, the two couldn’t be more different. “Influence” is all about a WIN-WIN outcome for all involved, whereas manipulation and persuasion are usually about a WIN-LOSE.

Knowing how to effectively inspire and motivate others is key to building rapport and forging successful long-term relationships. On this course, you will learn and explore how to influence others in a non-manipulative way that brings about a change in the way you inspire and build productive relationships both internally and external to the organisation.

As a result, you will be recognised for someone who motivates others and successfully builds co-operation which are key skills that lead to better performance and results.

Course Content

On this workshop you will learn about: -

  • The situations where you most need to influence people.
  • The behavioural styles you currently use to gain co-operation and how these might impact on others.
  • How you can build rapport and trust with others and select the influence styles you need to develop.
  • A simple influencing tool to practice and apply to relationships.
  • A new model of communication around “Pattern Matching”.
  • Social Energy, where you are currently on the scale and how/when to adjust it.
  • How emotions can be expressed in a calm and authentic way.
  • Case studies on where communication has gone wrong / well.
  • A model of communication around “Pattern Matching”.
  • What is Personal Power, Authority, Charisma and the difference between them.
  • Group activities that will enable you to develop your new-found skills.
  • A Personal Action Plan to support each participant in the workplace.
  • Coaching from the facilitator, to enable you to adapt and select the most appropriate styles for any given situations.

Course Benefits

By the end of this course, you will be able to: -

  • Develop effective influencing skills to increase your personal effectiveness and success.
  • Express your emotions in a calm and authentic way to influence and motivate others while building trust and moving ahead with goals.
  • Develop your personal power and authority while building rewarding and productive relationships with your team, colleagues, clients and larger groups, such as suppliers, service partners etc.
  • Identify when you might be moving into manipulation when under pressure and how to switch to the influencing tool.
  • Identify which tools to use in different situations from a range of techniques you have learned on the course.
  • Adjust your social energy and match this most appropriately with the people around you.

Next Steps

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Course Tutor

  • Korinne Le Page

    Korinne has more than 27 years’ experience in Training, Leadership Development, Coaching and Counselling. She has also worked for major multi-national Companies, delivered Management and Communication programmes abroad and online across a variety of Market Sectors.

    Korinne started her career in Finance, then as an Operational Manager in Customer Service, managing teams in challenging environments and she became an Entrepreneur in 2000. Therefore, Korinne has first-hand experience of the issues that can arise from all angles, as well as appreciating the importance of providing inspirational leadership and seamless customer service.

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