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Director Development, Leadership & Management

Values Discovery – Building a team on values and trust

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Half day (09:00 12:00)

Course Overview

People follow leaders whose values they trust. Attending this half-day workshop will enable you to discover your own deepest personal values and to explore how living these values more fully can enable you to become a more authentic and effective leader.

Course Content

Let’s get right to the bottom line. Living your values at work enables you to get the most out of work and work to get the most out of you. It’s win-win and yet research shows that 75% of employees don’t live their values at work, causing high levels of disengagement which impacts personal, team and organisational performance. Changing this is a leadership opportunity.

In this half-day session you will learn:

  • Five steps which are essential to build a great team
  • Why shared values are of vital importance in building trust in a team and how to discover what they are
  • How your strengths grow from your values
  • Discovering what your deepest personal values are
  • The vital importance of values in leadership
  • Why people are cynical about most organisations’ values
  • Examples of companies who live their values with authenticity and the benefits which they have gained

Course Benefits

During this half-day workshop, you will discover your own values while exploring the vital importance of values in enabling individuals, leaders, teams and organisations to achieve their full potential.

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Course Tutor

  • Chris Atkinson

    Chris Atkinson has a passion for executive team development and coaching business leaders to achieve their full potential. As a Vice President at Microsoft he learned the lesson that if managers are from Mars then leaders are from Venus, and so began his own leadership journey. The true measure of a leadership team is whether it attains the results that it sets out to achieve. Chris’ pursuit of leadership excellence re-invigorated Microsoft’s Asia Pacific Headquarters, enabled countries in Microsoft South East Asia to become best in class and inspired Microsoft Japan to go from worst to first, overcoming amazing odds. As their Vice President, Chris’s biggest contribution to the success of his teams, which spanned more than a decade, was his decision to become a coach to his leaders. Chris helped each team build trust, crystalize growth opportunities, achieve goal clarity and implement the disciplines of great execution required to achieve their success.

    In 2013 Chris moved back to Guernsey and is now an executive team development consultant and coach, having packaged his experience, learning and insights into a modular leadership development program called "Good to Great!" which has already taken him to more than 10 countries around the world. Chris Atkinson is an Executive Coach for the GTA Coaching Centre.

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